About us

Moroccan Soul welcome you to our online store. We have been supplying customers on our market shop with our beautiful and diverse range of quality  jewellery for many months. We have also successfully showcased our jewellery at many shows across the country. We lost count of the number of times we were asked if we could supply our jewellery online in order to make it more accessible to everyone. This gave us the idea to develop our own website and now we can proudly offer our stunning collection and distinctive products to  our customers  worldwide .

We pride ourselves on the fact that every piece of jewellery you see online, has been personally made which add to it a sense of individuality. We offer a wide range  . Many of our pieces are unusual in design and unique.

Our value for money policy is our promise to our loyal customers We can promise to always offer you affordable prices without  ever affecting the quality of our jewellery. We believe our crystal clear photographs display each piece of jewellery to their truest form and colour. However some of our pieces are made from natural materials which means they can vary slightly to the individual piece shown in the photo. 

We would like to point out that while we try to hold a reasonable  supply of stock, we do not hold mass quantities of each item as we wish to keep your purchase as distinctive as possible. We can however offer you many beautiful alternatives if your first choice is ever out of line. 

Most of our costume jewellery is made from a hallmarked Moroccan silver and semi precious stones These real silver pieces are genuine handmade  which are reflected in their price but you can delight in the fact that they are indeed unique.