Authentic Moroccan Craftsmanship

Moroccan craftsmen have a place of honor among craftsmen around the world.This industry has always earned itself an important role in the economy.

History shows sailling ships frequented Moroccan ports to purchase Moroccan leather, jewelries, handcrafted products and other products cultivated in Morocco.

Moroccan Soul provides access to the beauty, finesse and outstanding quality of the Moroccan handcraft through our on line shop.  Moroccan Soul believes in encouraging local industries, which play an important role in the community, try to give young people the opportunity to develop their skills and mantain the tradition of making beautiful and exquisit jewllery.


All our products are made by craftmen who learned this art from previous  generations. Moroccan Soul invests in them and produce products to preserve, save  and pass these skills on to future generations.

It is worth mentioning the  role of the Moroccan Jews in handcraft industry as a whole and their contributions in particular in the silversmith art.

The local environment has always been a source of inspiration. It is so obvious throughout the work of a silversmith when looking in depth at our displayed products to see the influence of the different aspect of nature.